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lindang56 20 дек. 2019 6:34
Just like when you bring home a new baby Grossiste Nike Air Max 2017 , you will need to prepare before you bring home your westie puppy. The needs of westie pups are not tremendous, but there are a few things that you must have in place to give your westie a safe, happy transition into your life.

It is much easier and safer to prevent your west highland terrier pup from getting into and destroying things than it is to watch him every second. Remember that any item they chew on is also an item that is potentially swallowed: bits of cloth, tassels, string Grossiste Nike Air Max 2018 , and of course, shoes.

Secure everything that can be picked up or moved. Electrical cords are a particular danger. A solution called 'bitter apple' can be sprayed on cords, and anything else that cannot be relocated, to discourage chewing.

Dog trainers recommend that you never give your new puppy the freedom to roam the house while you are gone. A crate will keep the dog secure, and can also be used for safe travel. Pick one that is big enough for the dog to stand up and turn around in. Baby gates Grossiste Nike Air Max 90 Noir , or pet gates, will keep it confined to a room of the house that has a durable floor.

Since your westie will not be old enough for reliable housetraining until about four months of ages, this may be essential to keeping your carpets stain-free.

Your westie dog will need to eat, and it is wisest to ask the breeder what he has been eating, and buy that brand. You may change the food later Grossiste Nike Air Max 90 Rose , but in the beginning he will have enough adjustments to make without a change in diet. Food and water bowls should be of stainless steel, since most plastics will become victims of teething.

To encourage it to chew on acceptable items, have a selection of sturdy chew toys on hand. These should be made of Cressite, or English rubber, although tennis balls and nylabones are also acceptable.

You will want to get your westhighland terrier puppy used to a collar and leash as quickly as possible. Buy a light collar and leash Grossiste Nike Air Max 90 Homme , suitable for puppies, and get an ID tag to go with them. The grooming routine is also something that it needs to experience as early as possible. Have a brush or comb ready at hand.

Some owners recommend a bed of old towels, while others suggest faux lambskin. Like everything else you buy for your westie puppy, whatever you choose for a bed should be both washable and durable, as well as comfortable for your dog.

Last Grossiste Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 , but not least, find a veterinarian. A reputable west highland white terrier breeder will even let you bring the dog to a vet before purchase, in order to ensure that the dog you bring home is healthy.

(Disclaimer: Any information contained in this site relating to various medical, health and fitness conditions of Westies or other animals and their treatments is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by your own veterinarian. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing the health of any animal. You should always consult and check with your own vet or veterinarian.)

I do hope that you have found the article of use to you.

Good health and happiness

Jeff Cuckson webmaster@

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Most people believe that you must have religious training or attend a church regularly in order to pray. The truth is anyone can pray. You can pray anywhere you like. No one needs to hear you pray except GOD or Jesus Grossiste Nike Air Max 90 Essential , if you believe in them.

Prayer is the best meditation there is. Simply chanting or breathing a certain way might calm you outwardly, but inner peace comes through prayer meditation.

So many people think all praying is like what they have heard. Children saying bless mother, grandmother, etc. Others who say lengthy prayers that seem to be formatted in some special way.

GOD doesn't listen more to prayers that are said in some sort of format invented by holy men than he does to simple prayers issued by people who are sinners. As a matter of fact, He listens to the prayers of the sinner even more and the angels in heaven rejoice whenever a sinner asks Jesus into his heart.

Jesus didn't come to earth to gather the righteous Grossiste Nike Air Max 96 , he came to save the sinners. We all sin. None of us are perfect. You do not need to be perfect to use prayer and meditate with GOD. He listens to everyone.

There is always a lot of focus on things to pray for and whether or not GOD will answer your prayers. GOD knows what is in your heart and knows what you need more than you do. Praying for a Ferrari and not getting one does not mean GOD isn't listening to you or answering your prayers.

Ask for things that will help you achieve the purpose that GOD has for you. Ask GOD to guide you and let you know what that purpose is. Ask GOD for wisdom. Ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you will know the things to ask for.

You do not need to go to a special location to use prayer meditation. You simply need to make time for GOD in your life. Even those of you who go to church need to do this. Not only on Sunday morning, either. Who are you to say how much time you are willing to give GOD, who gave you the time you now have in the first place?

Going to church is a good thing, but setting time aside to pray and meditate alone with GOD is even more important. You can do it at home or anywhere you choose. You can choose a special place that helps you be calm and in a meditative mood.

I like to turn off all the lights and play worship music for awhile. As I listen to the music, I focus on ridding my mind of all things worldly. I attempt to not think about my work Grossiste Nike Air Max Axis , things I need to do, things that bother me, people who irritate me, or anything else that might distract me during meditation.

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