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laiyongcai92 9 2019 9:31
E-mail cloth than most NFL quarterbacks. For one White Terrance Mitchell Jersey , hes willing to make any throw at just about any time. It hurt him a little bit in Houston and Baltimore this year, but decision-making is a part of who he isits an unrelenting, unwavering confidence in his own ability, and the idea that he can make anything happen with his smarts and arm. And you know what? Its got him where he is today. Hes undersized, hes not particularly mobile, and he was the first overall pick in last seasons draft. He led a team that literally could not win to seven of them while throwing the most touchdown passes by a rookie in the history of the sport. That confidence, and the personality that went with it, is integral to who he is. And its integral to why John Dorsey selected him first overall. With that in mind, theres justifiable faith that Dorsey knows what hes dealing with as he looks for the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Hes seen Mayfields personality from afar at Oklahoma. He pored over it during the draft process. Hes seen it up close over the course of a full NFL season. He watched Mayfields relationship sour with Hue Jackson, and then watched the aftermath play out in national media. Dorsey knows more than any of us could pretend to about the slights and criticisms Mayfield has faced over the yearsreal and imaginedand is more wedded to his success than ever before. Theres a point Im getting to here, and its simple: weve seen what it looks like when Mayfield does not have confidence in his coaching staff. Its fine. Its better than what were accustomed to seeing on Sundays from the Browns quarterback. But weve also seen what Mayfield looks like when he does have confidence in his coaching staff. It looks like it might be transcendent. It looks like there isnt much of a ceiling on what he http://www.authenticsclevelandbrowns.com/cheap-jamie-collins-jersey , and the Browns, can accomplish. Cross-sport comparisons are tough, and the NBA is very different from the NFL. But Cleveland is not a stranger to rookies putting up historic numbers after being selected first overall. The obvious name that you think of is LeBron James. Would that Bakers career in Cleveland end up as successful as James. Even with James leaving twice hes had many years of taking the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals, winning one. Many are already wondering if Mayfield can reach his stature on and off the field for Northeast Ohio. But another rookie with a mercurial personality put together a ridiculously good first season in Cleveland for a team recovering from an epic free-fall. Kyrie Irving. Now look, lets be as clear as possible, Mayfield is not Kyrie Irving. Its more difficult for NFL players to force their way out of town than it is in the NBA. Theres no indication Mayfield is anything other than all-in on Cleveland. No one is suggesting anything else. The reason Im bringing up Irving has nothing to do with the players themselves, but in how the organizations that they are playing for handled, and should handle employing them. In Irvings case, a rookie season in which it was established that the Cavs had drafted one of the premier scoring guards in the league was followed by the team drafting a scoring guard who thought he was better than him. His pick-and-roll partner, Antawn Jamison, left and was replaced by Youth Nick Chubb Jersey , well, okay, he wasnt replaced, but Tristan Thompson took his place, and this was before he determined that he would need to start shooting with a different hand. The teams first foray into free agency involved signing another ball dominant guard that had an inflated sense of how good he was. In the meantime, Byron Scott was replaced by Mike Brown, a defensive-minded coach that Irving never clicked with (Kyrie later took some responsibility for this, even apologizing). Irving took abuse from the national media who wondered why he couldnt drag a dysfunctional Cavs team running an outdated offensive system to the playoffs. When the Cavs were asked how they were building around Irving, the team said that they werent; they were building with him. No one, not even Irving, probably White Seth DeValve Jersey , would say that he handled these times well. The team was losing, and he was young, and he still says weird stuff on nearly a daily basis. But the Browns cant repeat the mistakes that led to Irvings alienation, and the Cavs stagnation, in the years before LeBron James came back. Which means its time for another simple point: the Browns better make damn sure their next choice of a head coach is someone whos both aware of Mayfields larger-than-life personality and confidence, and someone who embraces it like Dorsey and the fanbase already have. They better make sure that its someone that will both challenge and respect Mayfield. It should be someone creative. Itll need to be someone willing to have Mayfields back when the extra-curricular stuff comes up. There might, at some point, need to be some tough truth-telling when adversity hits. The Browns seem to have that in Freddie Kitchens, the teams offensive coordinator. Perhaps they can get it elsewhere. Id caution, though, against taking it for granted. Mayfields ceiling looks higher than someone like Matt Stafford White JC Tretter Jersey , but weve seen how his game has fluctuated depending on the coaching staff his team put around him. Staffords generally a go-with-the-flow guy; Baker, generally to his credit, doesnt do that. Perhaps Dorsey has a plan in mind that will keep Kitchens in Cleveland as a head coach or offensive coordinator. Maybe Bruce Arians is the plan. If he doesnt have that plan in place, hell have to feel very good about what the alternative to Kitchens isnot just on his terms, but on Mayfields. Im not here because I can break down xs and os. The last time I wrote here I ended up being wildly wrong about some things. Im not predicting Mayfields time in Cleveland will end up like Irvings (although, hey, Irvings time wasnt really that bad). But I do think that Mayfield should be catered to. His personality demands it. His play on the field has earned it. The Browns ability to win could very well rely upon it. Cleveland Browns:Picks no cause for concern for Baker Mayfield, Browns (ESPN) - In a year when every snap matters and every game is a learning experience, Baker Mayfield now faces rebounding from a three-interception half in Houston.Defiant Freddie: Houston is NOT going to define Browns season (Canton Rep) - In some respects, Kitchens is having the time of his life. He had just replaced Todd Haley as the 2018 Browns play caller when Arians was in town...Antonio Callaway looking to stop yo-yo act, find consistency http://www.authenticsclevelandbrowns.com/cheap-joel-bitonio-jersey , finish strong (C-T) - The flashes of brilliance have dotted the season. The 47-yard touchdown that tied the game in New Orleans with 1:16 left...Browns trying to ready themselves for playing December games in Cleveland (WKYC) - The Browns players and coaches got a taste of what Cleveland has to offer, weather-wise, at this point in the season when they practiced through cold temperatures...Damarious Randall on Mike McCarthys firing (Plain Dealer) - Damarious Randall on Thursday called out the Packers for firing Mike McCarthy, blaming their 4-7-1 record on bad personnel moves instead.NFL:Injuries: Julio Jones (foot) expects to play vs. Packers (NFL.com) - Two missed days of practice apparently wont keep Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones from playing in Week 14.Reports: Alex Smith dealing with post-op infection in leg (PFT) - Washington quarterback Alex Smiths recovery from the broken tibia and fibula he suffered last month is reportedly being complicated by an infection.After firing, ex-Packers coach Mike McCarthy visited Lambeau twice (ESPN) - Dont expect to hear much in the near future from Mike McCarthy after he was fired by the Green Bay Packers with four games left in his 13th season as head coach. 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