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lindang56 24 окт. 2019 12:47
Regular media reporting of school shootings has shaped the widespread belief that our students have become increasingly violent so much that schools are no longer a safe place. The most effective measures concerning what to do about students violent and antisocial behavior is a contentious issue that has considerable implication for national policy. The Office of Juvenile Justice provides three important factors in relation to violence prevention. They include developing effective programs to overcome risk factors Authentic Neymar Jersey , understanding issues that expose individuals to risk, and improving the protective factors that enhance resiliency. This paper discusses the case of Marysville-Pilchuck High School incident in as a statistically documented school-related juvenile crime problem that has occurred over a period of the last five years. It then discusses the research on delinquency prevention and intervention programs and how it may help address the problem. The program is designed for delivery within a school setting.
Marysville-Pilchuck High School incident
On October 24, Jaylen Fryberg 2014 was involved in a shooting in Marysville-Pilchuck High School. Jaylen Fryberg shot at fellow students, fatally wounding four before shooting himself. The occurrence in Marysville Neymar Jersey , Washington involved an illegal firearm that belonged to the boy&#37413;&#27290; father. Some minutes before the shooting, the boy sent out texts to family and friends that revealed the motive behind the shooting incident. He also apologized to the family of his potential victims and laid out plans for his funeral. Prior to the incident, Fryberg had made invitations to several students who were his friends through text messages to meet him for lunch. He insisted on skipping a class that they had at that time. At lunchtime, the invited students grouped together in one table. However Customized Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , Fryberg sat in a different table. He then stood up and approached where his friends sat before briefly engaging in a verbal argument. Fryberg then pulled out a gun and fired at least eight shots as his friends in a calm way. During the shooting, targeted only the table where his friends were sitting. He also died at the scene from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Before he shot himself, an adult school staff member identified as first-year social studies teacher had tried to intervene. Shortly after the incident, the staff member informed the authorities. Accordingly Cheap Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , the shooting was premeditated and calculated. Although the motive was not spelled out, the 1,400 pages of documents on investigations by Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team revealed that Jaylen had been involved in a fight with someone a few days before the shooting and was distress after a breakup with his girlfriend. (New York Times, 2014)
According to research Yacine Adli Jersey , a program named linking the Interests of Families and Teachers (LIFT) is one of the proven effective programs intended to reduce delinquent conduct and enhance the positive progress of adolescents as well as school-age individuals. The program works by improving participants' social skills as well as providing parent instruction constituent to improve parenting practices. Assessment of the strategy shows that it holds back the amplification of problematic behaviors and promotes social self-efficacy, social assertiveness, and social productivity in participants. (Reid & Eddy, 2002) The program is designed for delivery within a school setting. It aims at changing in those adolescents and parent behaviors considered to be most significant in the advance of adolescent delinquent and violent conducts such as rebellious Timothy Weah Jersey , parent discipline and monitoring and socially discouraged conduct. (Eddy et al., 2000)
The three main elements of the LIFT are; parent training, classroom-based social skills training, and problem-solving skills training as well as conduct modification. To date Thomas Meunier Jersey , the program has positively impacted the targeted participants. Results show that individuals in selected treatment groups show greater enhancement in conflict resolution skills and problem-solving skills. Also, results point to participants reduced levels of adolescent aggression in participants, particularly during peer dealings. Participants in this program are rated as less violent towards peers throughout social interaction and play compared to those who have not participated in the program. The research also established that, over a short period after the implementation of the program Thilo Kehrer Jersey , LIFT individuals are less probable than other non-participants children to demonstrate an increase in severity in problem behaviors.

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