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lindang56 30 сен. 2019 10:02
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If you want to protect yourself and your money then you really need to start looking into investing in gold.

As inflation goes up, the costs to have the retirement you always wanted will keep going higher and higher, just to pay for the same quality of life.

This is a quick insight of how inflation works:

If we could imagine that all of the money that America had was one Million Dollars. How rich would you feel if you owned 10% of that making your money $100,000? Id be pretty happy.

Now imagine if tomorrow the money supply increased by 10 trillion&#37413;?how much would your $100 Wholesale Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys ,000 be worth in that instance? Thank you America you are not rich anymore. It is a sad fact that over the previous 90 years this exact scenario has occured in over 30 other countries.

That in a nut shell is the effect of inflation, and how devastating it can be if the money supply expands rapidly. This really is happening to us, our dollar has expanded in excess of $2.68 trillion dollars and that is just since 2009. Our dollar will be worth nothing if this wicked trend continues the way it has been.

You will always reap the effects of inflation when your money is reliant on manually produced currency like notes, bonds, stocks and the like. Thus meaning your money is not safe in any of these.

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If you&#37413;&#27289;e holding bonds or treasury notes, these fixed price assets only give a fixed return each year. As inflation spirals faster than the return on these assets, they become much less valuable.

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