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         When the NFL schedule came out

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laiyongcai92 17 мая 2019 10:12
E-mail in April Shaquill Griffin Jersey , the Seattle Seahawks’ Week 10 road trip to play the Los Angeles Rams was the sole 1:25 PM PT game on the CBS doubleheader slate. Both CBS and FOX occasionally do this for matchups they consider to be a big deal. Everyone across the country except those living in the San Francisco Bay Area (who would only get Los Angeles Chargers-Oakland Raiders on FOX) would witness these two NFC West rivals go head to head.Not anymore.The NFL announced on Wednesday that the Miami Dolphins (4-3) at Green Bay Packers (3-2-1), originally scheduled for the 10 AM window on CBS, has been moved to the 1:25 PM PT slot alongside the Seahawks game. In all likelihood, because it’s Aaron Rodgers, that might be the new featured matchup. Perhaps there’s concern that by the time Week 10 does rollaround, the Seahawks are 3-5 while the Rams are still undefeated.At the very least, expect many markets that would’ve seen Seahawks at Rams to switch to Dolphins at Packers, so if you don’t live in the Seattle area or the surrounding secondary markets such as Portland or Eastern Washington... I hope you have NFL Sunday Ticket. Back on Wednesday I posted an article pondering what the 2019 season would look like for the Seattle Seahawks if Russell Wilson were not at the helm, and the results were pretty much in line with..."Back on Wednesday I posted an article pondering what the 2019 season would look like for the Seattle Seahawks if Russell Wilson were not at the helm, and the results were pretty much in line with what I expected. Field Gulls readers who responded to the poll had a slightly more optimistic outlook for a season played without Wilson at the helm, but it is still a stretch by any measure to state that fans believe things would be fine even without Wilson for 2019. In any case K.J. Wright Jersey Green , here is how Field Gulls readers responded to the poll (as of Saturday morning Pacific Time; the poll will continue for several more days though it’s likely the majority of voters who will vote have already done so). So, 88% of respondents felt that the Seahawks are a .500 or worse team without Wilson in 2019, which was slightly better than how those who responded to the poll on Twitter felt the team would finish in such a situation. Here are the final results of the Twitter poll just as a reminder. What these results lead me to question is how much meaning do Pete Carroll and his coaching skill carry for the team? If he is such a great defensive coach, and was in charge of creating the first defense in NFL history that was the number one scoring defense for four seasons in a row, shouldn’t a team he coaches be better than 6-10 in the absence of the franchise quarterback? In the two seasons prior to Wilson’s arrival, Carroll managed more than six wins in each individual campaign. Further, he now has some of the key components of his rebuilt defense reaching the point in their careers where they should start to blossom and develop into potential stars. The upcoming 2019 season is set to be the third season of starting for cornerback Shaquill Griffin and the second season as a starter for his counterpart on the flip side of the defense, Tre Flowers. Add in defensive end Frank Clark and Jarran Reed truly breaking out in 2018, Quinton Jefferson and Branden Jackson showing their own development, and the potential for a deep corps of linebackers in Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright and Mychal Kendricks http://www.seahawkslockerroom.com/authentic-jaron-brown-jersey , and there at least appears to be a recipe for much of the defense to potentially be very good. And very good would be an improvement for the Seahawks defenses of the past couple of seasons, as both the 2017 and 2018 versions of the defense failed to crack the top ten. Injuries and youth obviously played a very large part of both of those results, but what is the expectation for the Seattle defense in 2019? Will they return to form as a top flight defense? Will they continue to to perform as a middling defense as they miss the star players who have been lost to age, injury and free agency in recent years? Or will they, for some reason or another, see a decline in performance in a below average defense? During his nine seasons in the Northwest Carroll has only seen one of his defenses finish in the bottom half of the league in scoring, and that was during his first year with the Hawks in 2010. Thus, today’s question for fans is the following:

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