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lindang56 12 апр. 2019 5:21
E-mail by Marcus DiPaola

CHICAGO Feb. 12 (Xinhua) -- At the Chicago Auto Show slated for Feb. 14-22 Cheap Nike Air More Money , Jeep has set up an eighteen feet high "mountain" with a 35 degree incline and decline.

"You will randomly hear a couple of screams here and there," Jeep spokesman Sergio Armento grinned, "but for sure, smiles and laughter the whole time."

The track also has an articulation station with a 35 degree tilt, where it makes drivers feel like they might roll over.

The track is a yearly attempt by Jeep to impress consumers with the Jeep brand's traction control and off-road capabilities.

This year Cheap Nike Zoom VaporFly , the company is showcasing a brand new 2015 Jeep Renegade Trail Hawk. The Renegade is the first compact four-wheel drive with an opening roof to be available in the United States since the Suzuki Samurai, which was introduced in 1981.

But Jeep isn't the only one jumping on the interactive bandwagon. Ford has a full-motion driving simulator that puts drivers in the cockpit of a Ford Mustang on the famous German Nurburgring racetrack. James Dunn, who runs the simulator for Ford, told Xinhua it has a nickname: Simzilla.

"Everyone seems to love it, the lines get a little long Cheap Nike Odyssey React Mens , but it 's worth the minute and a half, two-minute ride," Dunn said. "As you're pushing the gas it will go back, pretend you're shifting the gears, as you turn the corner it will dip down through the corner and that's all controlled by the computer and the gas pedal brake pedal and your driving capability. It's real fun."

But American automakers aren't the only ones getting into the fun. Toyota has developed a driving simulator using virtual reality.

Drivers put on goggles Cheap Nike Odyssey React Womens , strap themselves in, and start driving. Toyota calls it TeenDrive365, and it uses a pair of goggles called the Oculus Rift.

Toyota was trying to find ways to teach teens how to avoid distracted driving, but it ended up being an interesting way to showcase their Toyota Camry. When drivers press the gas pedal, the car accelerates www.odysseyreactshoes.com , and when drivers press the brake, the car stops. The simulator has 360 degree head tracking, and the Camry has comfortable seats, making it fun for drivers to test out the seating without being bored.

This is all part of the Chicago Auto Show, the United States' biggest auto show at McCormick Place in Chicago Cheap Nike Odyssey React Sale , where more than 1 million square feet are used to display the latest and greatest cars. The show occurs annually.

As country music becomes more popular on an international stage and a more mainstream genre, country music movies have also enjoyed critical acclaim and success at the box office. In recent times, two movies stand out as showcasing and profiling country music &#37413;?Walk the Line and Crazy Heart.

Walk the Line. Released in 2005, this biographical drama profiles famous country music star Johnny Cash. Directed by James Mangold, Cash is played by Joaquin Phoenix Cheap Nike Odyssey React Shoes , and the film focuses on Cash&#37413;&#27290; younger career and his rise to fame. The plotline centres on his romance with June Carter (Reece Witherspoon) and his struggle with drugs and alcohol as he entered the limelight.

Both Phoenix and Witherspoon perform a number of their respective characters&#37413;?songs throughout the movie, making the music a primary focus of the film and reigniting the legendary and much-loved country music of Johnny Cash. During their early days, June Carter and Johnny Cash toured together, and the film recreates the touring country music stars from that time and their life on the road. Cash&#37413;&#27290; rise to fame (and the movie) culminates with Cash&#37413;&#27290; infamous concert at Folsom Prison in 1968.

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