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lindang56 30 дек. 2019 8:28
Earlier on we were talking a little on the power of the reward and how this can really be the main way that you can try and persuade people to believe in you. In fact Enzo Roco Chile Jersey , the power of the reward is something that is being used all over the world and you might want to focus your overall strategy on your persuasion techniques. But that is one side of the coin, and it is time to look at something else. We have all heard about the analogy of the donkey, and how you can use either the carrot or the stick to persuade it to move along and carry your load.

Well, earlier, the reward bit was really talking about the carrot and now it is talking about the stick. The carrot is playing on the emotion of euphoria and hope, two really very powerful ways that you can persuade someone. Someone who has hope in something will do almost anything you say to realise that hope, and if you boost them with a little euphoria Eduardo Vargas Chile Jersey , you will have endless possibilities in the whole game of persuading people. So we have talked about those two emotions, and now we will be moving on to two more and they have to do with the concept of the stick, which is a concept of punishment. What you need to know about punishment is that it evokes another set of emotions, which can be down to fear and dread.

Now, these two emotions are just as powerful in letting loose some of the persuasion as well, and this can be easily seen. In fact, I do not need to say much about fear as a good persuasion technique because it is all around the world. Jails Edson Puch Chile Jersey , prisons, in schools, at work - they all use fear to a certain extent to gain some performance or as a means to an end. So you need to be a master of both. Persuasion is not a one dimensional object that has only one route to success. What you need to understand is that there are more than one way for you to utilise emotions to persuade someone to do what you want them to do. Punishment does not mean that you will be physically hurting them or killing them if they do not do what you say, it is also about putting scenarios in their head called worst case scenario. The medical community does it all the time.

Take this, if not you will be dropping like flies in a few years. Or do not eat this, or else your kidneys will turn into paper. So there are really many ways you can use scenarios and the power of fear to your own advantage. Punishment is a great way for you to persuade someone to do what you want them to do so try and learn and refine the art, adding your own unique perspective on it. Soon Cristopher Toselli Chile Jersey , people will be eating from your hand.
Yes, You Can Get Over a Crisis Self Help Articles | August 27, 2008

Whatever it is ? heartache, rape, the death of a loved one ? there are stages you need to go through to heal. Here?s how to deal with them and move on.

Crises can strike at any time ? robbery, rape, retrenchment Claudio Bravo Chile Jersey , a relationship break up or a car accident. But crippling as they may seem at the time, we can get over them. The secret is understanding the process you need to go through and getting help when you need it. Having information about your response to a crises empowers you because you know what to expect.

?I couldn?t breathe. It was as though someone had dropped a load of bricks on my chest,? says Judi, a 29 year old bank clerk. Early one August evening in 2006 she learnt her partner of two years had died in a car crash.

As with most crises, it wasn?t just the pain of loss that shattered her but also the practical repercussions. Judi found James had debts he?d kept from her. ?He?d just opened his own motor workshop so there wasn?t much money and he loved to spoil me?, She came close to losing their flat, which was in his name Charles Aranguiz Chile Jersey , although she had paid half the deposit. ?If my sister hadn?t helped for a few months I wouldn?t have got by financially. But feelings take longer to fix??

Her grief was mixed with an anger that surprised her. ?One moment I?d be crying, the next I?d be ranting.? She was angry with James for dying and leaving her in a mess, angry with God and angry with herself. Judi?s confusing clash of emotions is normal. Whatever your loss or crisis, it plunges you into different stages as you grieve. The best way to heal is to be prepared for these stages.

Spot the Stages

Your loss or other trauma may be great or small but it?s always personal so your response is individualized. It will be shaped by your personality, family, culture and spiritual beliefs but it will fall into certain universal stages. Grief starts with denial before moving on to anger, depression and finally acceptance.

You can respond on a physical Arturo Vidal Chile Jersey , cognitive, emotional, behavioral and spiritual level. Shock, convulsions, numbness, detachment, disbelief and disorientation are all normal. Common symptoms are nightmares and sleep disorders Alexis Sanchez Chile Jersey , loss of appetite, shortness of breath, a dry mouth and repetitive movements such as involuntary rocking.

Where violence has been involved you may have hallucinations in the early weeks, as well as mild, temporary dyslexia (when phrases are reversed unintentionally).

Trust Time

Grief can take months, even years, depending on the extent of your crisis or loss Pablo Hernandez Chile Jersey , your ability to cope and the support you have. Get counseling if you find yourself stuck in any stage, particularly depression. It?s important that, over time, you deal with your loss so you can reach a point where you can take meaning from it and grow. Generally, time is a healer. In the end, time will change things. Life will eventually start to re-emerge. This will not happen because we come to understand (the loss) more clearly but because, as time passes Nicolas Castillo Chile Jersey , the unanswered questions will become easier to live with.

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